Rogers Serpent Mouthpieces

"The Rogers Mouthpiece—commissioned by Craig Kridel after discussions with Christopher Monk, Keith Rogers, and Steven Silverstein, designed by Douglas Yeo, and produced by J.c. Sherman—offers today's players of the euphonium and baritone horn the ability to produce the historical sound of the serpent."

In 2009, the Rogers Serpent Mouthpiece was commissioned by Berlioz Historical Brass and introduced as a viable mouthpiece for use in a modern Baritone or Euphonium to perform works originally scored for the Serpent.

Modeled after an historic original by the late serpent maker and craftsman, Keith Rogers, these mouthpieces are designed to give the characteristic sound of the church serpent and bass horn, offering modern low brass performers a viable option for the performance of works scored for serpent, by employing the mouthpiece on either a Baritone or a Euphonium.

When used with the modern instrument, the Rogers Serpent Mouthpiece will deliver the warm, vocal, breathy and beautifully blending timber of these historic instruments. In addition, they work very well on a genuine serpent.

Rogers mouthpiece in action on a Serpent by Harding.

These mouthpieces can be made in either the traditional narrow rim or, more commonly, a modern trombone/euphonium rim in either tenor (255) or bass (280) sizes. African Blackwood and Olivewood are preferred, but a variety of woods are available; contact me for availability.

For those who have never tried the serpent, these mouthpieces offer an insight into the tone-quality and playing characteristics of the serpent. Interested? Contact me!

J.c. Sherman
45 Bellaire Drive
Painesville, OH 44077


The price is $95.00 (subject to wood choice and availability), plus $5.00 for shipping in the US. PayPal is encouraged ( If you have other needs or international shipping, feel free to contact me. I also make reproductions of other serpent and tenor cornetto mouthpieces and have several other design specs available. I can also modify your existing serpent mouthpiece.