Orchestra 19


Orchestra Nineteen


Orchestra 19 explores the popular orchestral, band, military and harmonie works of the 19th century. O19 uses professional musicians of AFM Local 4 using period or appropriate instruments and technique. O19 shares these unique instruments and interpretation with audiences, students, and the community to give a fresh experience to this popular repertoire.


Music of the 19th century is among the most popular, beloved, and performed music in the “classical” repertoire. Orchestra 19 will be a new American – and new Cleveland – vehicle for the performance and enjoyment of this repertoire. The ensemble will explore the instruments and performance practices of the 19th century, focusing on the balance and timbres of the period, not to attempt authenticity, but for a 21st century audience to enjoy anew. O19, with its own inventory of wind instruments from the period, providing performance opportunities to highly qualified Northeast Ohio musicians, both those who’ve invested in their own period instruments and those wishing to explore this music from a fresh perspective.

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