Here're a few places I like to "Hang out" which you may find entertaining and informative as a brass player, creator, performer, historic instrument enthusiast. for the best of the world of the Serpent, as well as the best of Trombone and audition pedagogy! will bring you to the world of 19th century brass, and to the co-developers of the Rogers Serpent Mouthpiece. for Nick Byrne's ophicleide pages, with links to help you find your own ophicleide. Make sure you check out his MP3 samples and his CD! takes you to my daygig as a fundraiser (and sometimes performer) with the Cleveland POPS Orchestra! will introduce you to the Firelands Symphony Orchestra. is the home of the National Music Museum in Vermillion, South Dakota. It's a wonderful and extensive collection in a wonderful town. Plan a visit! is a great resource for all things serpent, as well as the path to the Serpent Forum. is the home of the "TubeNet", the international forum for Tubists and Euphoniumists. is my home-away-from-home which keeps me informed about our crazy world... great photoshops contests too! is like a living museum... check in from time to time! is THE place for public domain music on the web. Great source for excerpts or score study. This man is an artist. The finest brass instrument maker alive. I've always been a fan of the Vienna Horn!

King Small Eb Recording Bass with the Heritage Brass Quintet