Variations in Brass


If you can imagine it, I will build it!
I have 20 years experience giving clients great-playing brass instruments.  
I specialize in historic restorations, custom instruments, and custom modifications.
If you are here for information about the Roger's Serpent mouthpieces,
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Some variation in brass projects to stare at:
Contrabass Serpent, or Anaconda, "Gabriel" next to a typical Church Serpent by Christopher Monk.
Soprano Normaphone
Double Bell Euphonium with removable 2nd bell and 4th slide assembly.
Moravian Bass Horn

Eb valve bass trombone/bass trombonium with rear main tuner.

BBb compact cimbasso

Custom King 5B+ "Baritone" trombone... 9" bell bass with a .562 slide and valve with Eb pull!
Custom Tuba Receiver for a Holton 6/4 BBb 
Bass Trumpet in Bb - after Olds            Bass Trumpet in Bb - After Reynolds
Alto Flugel Horn                                                    York CC
CC/BBb Cimbasso with Optional French Tuning
F/CC Bass Trombone after Reynolds