The Collection

I have, over the years, collected a wide array of instruments.  All were purchased with the intent to play them or have them played, not to merely collect them.
I've had some really interesting pieces in the collection, many have been sold to either upgrade my stable, or to purchase an instrument I needed more.  Below is my current arsenal:
    King 1291 Monster BBb; Dillon Olka Mouthpiece
    Meinl Weston 2000 CC; Alexander "78/33" Mouthpiece
    Yamaha YFB-621 F Tuba; Yamaha CB Mouthpiece
    King Small Eb Bass - 4th valve added before acquisition... "the toy"; Yamaha 67B4
    King Eb recording bass - VERY small!!!; Miraphone C4 mouthpiece (small shank)
    King 2370 Sousaphone - Kelly 18
    King 1280 Symphony Model Orchestra Bass "Pit" BBb Tuba.  Bach 7 NY Mouthpiece
Bass Trombones
    Yamaha YBL-822G (Douglas Yeo)
    Yamaha YBL-613GX
Tenor Trombones
    Yamaha YSL-643II; from when "Yamaha made the best Conn 88H on the market" ;-)
    Conn 18H "Director;" the "beater", with Yellow, Coprion and gold plated bells to swap out
    Olds "Ambassador" (LA vintage custom build).
    Beuscher "Aristocrat"

Alto Trombones
Bass Trumpet/Valve Trombones
    VIB custom (see article).
    Olds marching valve trombone (with the right mouthpiece, these can be excellent!)
    Wessex in C, 11-key
    Christopher Monk serpent in C with Rogers 255 custom mouthpiece in corian
    Yamaha YEP-321S with 5 valves
    Yamaha YBH-301S

Horn (French)
    Ch. Missenharter in F and Eb
    Conn 15D Bb single (heavily modified)
Contrabass Trombone/Cimbasso
    JcS F/D/BBb/AA Contrabass Trombone, with .562 slide and valves; Kanstul 2A mouthpiece
Other instruments
    Trumpet - Selmer DeVille Bb
    Cornet - Conn "Victor"
    Flute - Avanti 2000CAE
    Flute - Kohlert (Yamaha Stencil)
    Flute - Armstrong (curved headjoint)
    Recorders - Garklein, Sopranino, Alto, and Tenor by Aulos; Soprano by Yamaha
    Fife - Yamaha
    Clarinet - King in gold lacquer

No Longer in the Collection
    Alexander 164 CC Tuba
    Alexander 163 CC Tuba
    Kalison DS 5-valve CC Tuba (2 of them!).
    Miraphone 183-4U Eb Tuba - with a lengthened 4th valve, these can be quite good!
    Yamaha YBB-641 BBb (heavily modified) - "The Weapon".  Alexander "78" mouthpiece.
    Boosey & Hawkes Imperial Eb Tuba
    Bach 42B (custom leadpipe and open wrap)
    Benge 190 (I need another!)
    BMB 3/4 CC
    Conn "Monster Eb" converted to .720 bore with 5 valves.  Excellent instrument!
    Conn 36K - the best sounding tubas ever made!
    Conn 76H.  c.1924  Essentially a tuning-in-slide 8H.  One of a kind with a stunning sound!
    Conn 8H c. 1926 with full burnished gold, engraving and with an F valve as well. Stunning!
    Conn 88H G Bass trombone; .562 bore! c.1924
    Flute - Anonymous, Single Key
    JcS Bass Horn, 5-valves in F.  Trombone sized mouthpiece.  Olds valves, Conn 8D Bell
    Jupiter 600 "Carnegie XL" Bb/F trombone - Amazing instrument!
    King 1205 Medium Eb - converted to 4 string-action rotary valves.  An outstanding player, but the
        donor bugle was really ugly - I'll have to do one of these again!
    King 1291 4-valve rotary BBb Recording Bass
    King 1240
    King D Medium Bass - converted from a too-flat Eb.  Miraphone C4 mouthpiece
    King/JcS 4v 3/4 CC
    King Trombonium
    King/JcS "5B+" Baritone trombone
    Ch. Missenharter Alto Horn    
    Salvation Army Custom G Bass trombone with added D valve
    The Tuba Exchange "Miraclone" CC.
    Anon. valve trombone (probably by Rampone)
    Yamaha YBL-621